Chapter 8 Conspicuity Markings

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Our ‘Chapter 8’ compliant conspicuity reflective markings will keep you safe

Have you heard about Chapter 8 of the Department for Transport traffic signs manual?

Chapter 8 Reflective Chevron Examples
Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual (Traffic Safety Measure & Signs for Road Works & Temporary Situations) was issued by the Department for Transport in 2006:-

“On high-speed roads, all vehicles stopping on the highway for works purposes or inspections shall be equipped with high visibility rear markings. High visibility rear markings should comprise either:

(a) chevron markings comprising alternate strips of fluorescent orange-red retro reflective material and fluorescent yellow non-retro reflective material, of not less than 150 mm width each, inclined at 45-60 to the horizontal and pointing upwards, or

(b) a solid block of fluorescent orange-red retro reflective material.

The markings described should cover as much of the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, vehicle lighting or registration plates.

Vehicles used for works purposes shall be identified by displaying to the rear the sign to diagram HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE...........”

Additionally there are other specific circumstances that require reflective strips along the sides and rear edges of vehicles.

Who might need to comply with Chapter 8?

As described above, on high speed roads all vehicles stopping on the highway for works purposes or inspections must comply with Chapter 8.   Please contact us and we will provide a free compliance consultation to confirm whether your specific vehicles and works will be covered.

We suggest the following vehicles might need to comply;

Even if your specific vehicle use doesn’t require mandatory Chapter 8 markings there are many good reasons to still include compliant markings within your vehicle graphic design.

Why comply with Chapter 8?

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Chapter 8

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